CBS’ Craig Ferguson marries Megan Wallace-Cunningham

January 6, 2009 by  
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Scottish-American TV host and comedian, Craig Ferguson has married his fiancee, Megan Wallace-Cunningham.

The current host of US broadcaster CBS‘s The Late Late Show both shocked and pleased his viewers last night by making the announcement on his programme that he wed his girlfriend of almost four years. He spoke rather fondly of his wife, an art dealer from Vermont who wed the cheeky Scot on her parent’s farm in their home town.

Speculation has already begun on internet forums among excited/obsessed about the pitter patter of tiny feet after one of the show’s guests Richard Lewis mentioned that the couple were still young enough to breed.

Though let’s be honest, Megan herself is probably more concerned right now with how much of a mouthful her new title is going to be.  Maybe we could call her MWCF for short?