The Lowdown: Things You Didn’t Know About Alan Davies

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You know warm and fuzzies? Those happy little feelings you get inside when something nice happens? Alan Davies made them. He did, really. OntheBox takes you behind the scenes on the lovable idiot, and brings you ten weird and wonderful little pieces of trivia about Alan Davies:

1. Whilst Alan Davies might not strike anyone as being particularly pugnacious, he made national news in 2007 when he was accused of biting a tramp’s ear in an altercation after Jonathan Creek producer Verity Palmer’s  funeral. Apparently said tramp shouted “Jonathan Creek” at the lovable mop-haired comedian, leading Davies to respond by saying “My name’s Alan. You know my name – Alan. What’s my name? It’s Alan” at which point he lunged in and munched ear.

2. This wasn’t Alan’s first brush with the law, though. When he left school at 16, Alan was a self-confessed pathological shoplifter.

3. Davies purchased the original Big Brother diary room chair for a staggering £30,000 in a charity auction. Stephen Fry definitely wouldn’t approve!

4. If Alan Davies could choose any superpower what would it be? Super strength? The ability to fly? Invisibility? No.Davies would choose to have no bodily smell.

5. Alan fell foul of Wikipedia’s ‘strict’ rules on editing when he tried to amend his own entry, as they told him he did not have the right! He pointed out he did, as it was his life.

6. Jonathan Creek was initially written to be very studious looking, with glasses and very little hair. However, when Alan turned up at the BBC Christmas party wearing his duffel coat and mass of curly hair, he was asked to keep the look – right down to that exact duffel, which ended up appearing in every episode of the first series.

7. Alan Davies was tipped to become the ninth Doctor Who, but the role eventually went to Christopher Ecclestone. Strangely enough, Davies worked with two previous Doctors – Colin Baker and Peter Davison and Doctors’ Assistants on Jonathan Creek, as well as Doctor Who’s original producer.

8. Alan once considered adopting the stage name Rochester Snodland, and has performed under the name Alan Balgonie. We prefer Alan Davies, ourselves.

9. Alan’s not, of course, unanimously popular. A fansite for Chris Morris (, which occasionally holds “Comedy Tumbleweed Awards” voted Alan as “Most Useless Talk/Panel Show Guest of 2006”.

10. Alan thinks the most embarassing moment of his career was a homosexual kiss he had to do on Bob and Rose: “We were both straight and got ourselves in a pickle about it, but it wasn’t so much kissing him as kissing him so badly. He was quite forceful and kept pushing my head back out of shot.”

By Chris Harding