Critic’s Choice – Films on TV Tuesday 30th December

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The World’s Fastest Indian – BBC2, 5pm Alert Me

Anthony Hopkins stars in this amiable Kiwi film about an ageing motorbike-tinkerer who dreams of setting his beloved Indian (that’s his motorbike, before you wonder about possible logistics/racism) loose on the Bonneville salt flats in Utah, USA. An excellent, honest, soulful picture – and not just for petrolheads. Hearts shall be warmed.


I Am Cuba – FilmFour, 10.55pm Alert Me

This exercise in visual filmmaking is deeply influential – it was preserved for the unwashed masses by Scorsese and Coppola. Made in 1964, and funded by the USSR, the story (or stories, rather, as the film is divided into 4 segments) is naturally pro-communist, ‘down with the decadent capitalist pigs’-agitprop. However, the photography is simply stunning – the camera seems to be always moving, always making daring shots and compositions that still look fresh, even after 40-odd years. If you know your F-stops from your bus stops and your dollies from your Barbies, this is one to watch – undoubtedly one for the cinematic nerds. Tuesday night is Highbrow night!

Citizen Kane  – BBC4, 11.35pm Alert Me

aka. The Best Film Ever – but is it as much fun as Cliffhanger? Probably not. Still, you can be dazzled by Orson Welles’ magnum opus, as he acts, writes and directs with outstanding ability and technical wizardry. Just a shame that they didn’t get him to take a look at the tagline: “It’s Terrific!?. Nice one, marketing.