Critic’s Choice – Films on TV Thursday 1st January

December 29, 2008 by  
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The Spy Who Loved Me – ITV1, 4.25pm Alert Me

The obligatory seasonal James Bond film, with Roger Moore flexing, furrowing and, indeed, raising his eyebrows as the titular spy. It’s the one with the union jack parachute, the underwater car, and metal-mouthed Jaws. A far cry from the seriousness of Quantum of Solace, this is quintessentially silly bond, and all the better for it.

Shrek 2 – BBC1, 5.15pm Alert Me

More postmodern fairytale/Disney lampooning, starring the big green ogre. Sharper than the first, but lacking the invention and heart of a Pixar film. Things are improved massively by the introduction of Antonio Banderas’ awwwww-worthy Puss In Boots, and the eponymous hero is vividly bought to life by Wayne Rooney’s excellent performance.


Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl  – BBC3, 8pm Alert Me

If you watched Pirates 3 on Boxing Day and were wondering what the hell was going on, you probably weren’t alone. If you were feeling even more critical, though, and wondered why on earth Dead Man’s Chest was even made, you could do with watching this one. It’s a throwback to the Erroll Flynn swashbuckling days of yore, and Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack is charismatic and

The Terminal – BBC1, 11.15pm Alert Me

Likeable Spielberg mush, as Tom Hanks, playing a man from nondescript imaginary eastern Europe, gets stranded at JFK international airport thanks to a coup in his home country. Catherine Zeta Jones plays the love interest, and it’s all dramatically inoffensive – in a nice way. Victims of stereotyping will probably not be too happy to see that our hero, Viktor, is a fantastic plumber, plasterer and decorator.