Critics Choice- Films on TV this Sunday 28th December

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Howl’s Moving Castle – BBC2, 10.05am

From Japanese sensei/director/god Hayao Miyazaki comes this tale of magic and adventure. Featuring what-were-they-smoking levels of imagination, the story revolves around the 18 year old Sophie, who falls in love with the dashing wizard, Howl. However, the evil Witch of the Wastes has her own designs on Howl, and curses Sophie, turning her into a 90 year old woman. Not before making friends with an animated scarecrow, Sophie gamely bundles herself onto the aforementioned moving castle – a wonderfully Heath Robinson-esque design. It all gets a little overcomplicated when wars and missing princes are thrust into proceedings, but this is generally an absolute pleasure.


The Borrowers  – BBC1, 11.30am

Teeny tiny ickle people living under the floorboards, getting up property-developing John Goodman’s nose (eww, not literally). A cozy way to revisit childhood memories of the early 90s TV show.

The Princess Diaries  – BBC3, 7.40pm

“My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die!? If you liked the recent Stardust, you’ll love this fairytale romp, which comes equipped with a postmodern eye and a razor-sharp script.