Critics Choice- Films on TV this Saturday 27th December

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Jurassic Park –  ITV2, 9.40pm

This film is sheer ecstasy for the eight-year-old boy inside us all – dinosaurs! Real life dinosaurs! Alright – not quite, but the 15 year old special effects still look convincing. Richard Attenborough plays god (always laden with good omens) by using DNA cloning techniques to open a dino theme park – but in Jurassic Park, the Velociraptors are real. Shock horror – it all goes wrong. Spielberg keeps the sentimentality at bay, and delivers grandiose spectacle and stirring action sequences. 

Starter For Ten – BBC2, 9.30pm

Likeable/ubiquitous James McAvoy puts in a star turn in this University Challenge-based, 80’s set comedy. Do as much of the lazy TV schedule does and bask in the warm glow of nostalgia – the soundtrack is particularly good, even if the film is never quite as giddily enjoyable as watching Paxman go about his business.

Interview With The Vampire – BBC1, 10.50pm

A fine example of titular clarity as Brad Pitt, a vampire, gives an interview to a present-day journalist. Tom Cruise co-stars. A giant load of sucking follows.


King Kong – BBC4, 11.30pm

Reportedly Hitler’s favourite film, the original King Kong is a much leaner beast than the recent remake – 80 minutes leaner, in fact. Fay Wray does a lot of screaming as Ann Darrow (probably the fashion at the time). The effects may look, well, a bit crap now, but they were truly groundbreaking in their day and somehow still retain their charm. The film always retains its pace and sense of action and adventure – something that evidently pleased the Fuhrer, though I doubt that they’ll be putting that as a quote on the DVD box any time soon.