Critic’s Choice: Films On TV Tuesday 23rd December

December 23, 2008 by  
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Seabiscuit – BBC2, 4.50pm Alert Me
Crap pony isn’t transformed into UHU, starts winning races, captures the heart of a nation. Inspirational, even though it’s a horse.




Con Air – BBC1, 10.35pm Alert Me
Following on from Sunday’s Face/Off, the BBC continues to bring us festive cheer in the unusual vessel that is Nick Cage. Here, he plays a convicted manslaughtererer (but he was drunk, so it’s okay), who is being flown over to a new prison with dozen of other complete hard nuts/psychos/Steve Buscemi. Led by John Malkovich, they seize the plane and try to escape. Silly, entertaining.



William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet – FilmFour, 11.15pm Alert Me
Baz Luhrmann dramatically updates the bard, much to the delight of students and lazy English teachers alike. There are guns for the boys, Leonardo DiCaprio for the girls, and the classic text of the original play for the purists, all flamboyantly directed.