Sold?: Ouch- Actionaid take a chunk out of Tesco

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Suck on that, you penny-pinching b*stards!
is the general tone of this new viral ad from Actionaid as they stick it to Tesco. Taking the superstore’s “every little helps? customer luring slogan and turning it on its noggin, the charity do a valiant job of mocking the chirpy face of corporate greed.

Actionaid’s cutting campaign aims to get Tesco to pay an extra 5p per kilo to workers in South Africa who pick Tesco apples. It’s all food presented as art, ploddy music and pingy price bubbles as the voiceover undercuts the nonchalant feel by explaining how these workers earn a poor wage because of Tesco’s costing despite earning a massive profit. An extra 5p would mean that these workers could feed their families properly so Actionaid are asking people to well, take action, and sign up and download a personalised postcard with a 5p taped to it and hand it in at their local Tesco.

With triangle tings that barely mask the obscenities, you half expect the last shot to flash up with a disgruntled charity member smiling blankly while sticking their middle finger up. But this way Actionaid keep it relatively civil and hope to draw out the more philanthropic side of the commercial beast. Good luck with that one…

If you’re taken by their appeal go to their site and help the campaign.

Nerika says:

Ha ha, nice one Actionaid!