Forget IMAX, Forget Smellovision, Forget Internet Streaming….. The Future Of Television Is Here!

December 19, 2008 by  
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Do you find your 2-D HD-Blu-ray Television just isn’t enough? Do you want to crap yourself every time a cricketer slams a six into the crowd? Do you think that cardboard eyewear is an underrated fashion?

Well dream no more, because Sky has announced it has developed technology that would beam 3D images straight out of your television and INTO YOUR BRAIN. Sky said that if the demand is there, they would begin to roll out the service over the next few years, starting with Drama and Sport programmes.

Imagine not only watching Phil Mitchell’s beautifully spherical head, but being able to practically stroke it! The future is truly here, ladies and gentlemen.

Sky would provide viewers with free polarised glasses to bring the service to life.

Dignity not included.

Mickey Bricks says:

I heard about this, imagine sky movies in 3D! I heard from some friends at sky that the Sky box and dish will still work and can deliver the 3d info but we will have to buy a new TV. Now the technology requires us to wear some glasses but they are allot cooler looking than the red and blue ones from way back!

The gaming element is going to be massive and an area Sky will be looking to cash into. Further 4d experience’s are being explored into the inclusion of smell o vision. Read more on this Smell o Vision blog. Pixar have already started re-creating all their movies into 3D format! Not too keen on “Phil Mitchell’s beautifully spherical head” though. LOL