Critic’s Choice: Films On TV Sunday 21st December

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Finding Nemo – 8pm, BBC3
Underwater-set Pixar animation, as daddy fish Marlin loses his son Nemo, and goes to find him. Fantastic animation, classic story and an amusing cast of watery characters – surfer-dude turtles, sharks attempting to cut down on their fish eating, and everyone’s favourite amnesiac tropical fish sidekick, Dory.



King Kong – ITV2, 9pm Alert Me
Bloated remake of the 1933 classic. Clocking in at a Lord-of-the-Rings-like 3 hours, Peter Jackson’s film is at its best on the slightly-mental Skull Island, populated with fighting dinosaurs, grisly cannibals and the titular giant ape. It’s overlong, and is guilty of possibly treating the human-ape love story a little too seriously, but it’s truly spectacular filmmaking.



Face Off – BBC1, 11.20pm Alert Me
Highly improbable, mostly enjoyable action gubbins. For deeply contrived reasons, stiff-assed-cop John Travolta swaps faces with criminal-savant Nick Cage, and much to everyone’s surprise, it goes a bit tits up. Soon enough, everyone starts shooting each other in slow motion, doves flutter around the place and things explode in pornographic slow motion. This was before director John Woo went rubbish, and it’s great fun.



In The Shadow Of The Moon – More4, 1.05am
“The moon. For several years, she has fascinated many. But will man ever walk on her fertile surface?? This documentary about the astronauts who have walked upon that surface captures some of the intriguing magic of the moon (no, I’m not going to say that it’s been sprinkled with moondust- that’s just lazy). Neil Armstrong doesn’t participate, thus forever marking himself down as a reclusive git. A shame, as he would have doubtless sprinkled a little extra moondust on this fine documentary.