Woss Wepwimanded With Wishy-Washy Wules

December 17, 2008 by  
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Well. It looks like Jonathan Ross is well and truly screwed.

Chatshow host Ross will face talks today over the ‘Sachs-gate’ scandal that saw Russell Brand and Radio 2 Controller Lesley Douglas resign amidst the furore.

The Sun has reported that Ross will be banned from swearing and being smutty with guests.

Which would pretty much leave an hour of 4 Poofs and a Piano and Ross’ relentlessly obsequious diatribe.

Senior BBC chiefs will apparently sit Ross down and explain to him quite why comedy should not be subjective, individual or daring and why it is of utmost important to ensure that whatever is said or enacted, it is within the BBC’s responsibility to safeguard the ears and eyes of Miss Fawning, 67, Daily Mail reader of Colchester.

The rules are also expected to apply to his Radio 2 show which returns on January 24.

If these restrictions truly come into effect then I think Russell Brand’s decision to leg it while the iron (or receiver) was hot was a brilliant idea. He’s off swanning around the world filming movies and groping groupies, while Ross could very well be reduced to a mere comedic ghost of his former self.