Willie’s Perfect Chocolate Christmas Review

December 17, 2008 by  
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WILLIE’S PERFECT CHOCOLATE CHRISTMAS, CHANNEL 4, Wednesday 17th December, 9pm Alert Me

Let’s face it. At the moment, TV Chef’s aren’t exactly quality role material.

Gordon Ramsay flippantly threw away his saintly PR-image as a ‘faithful family man’ by indulging in every 16-year-old’s fantasy Friday night combo of hookers and poppers, while after watching both Nigella’s salacious Christmas special and those RSPCA-bating bear comments, I wouldn’t put it past the woman to eat her own young.

Or mate with them.

So, who do we turn to for festive, food-filled, family revelry this Christmas?

Willie Harcourt-Cooze, that’s who. The wonderfully eccentric chocolatier whose previous show ‘Willie’s Wonky Chocolate Factory’ showed the arduous process involved in trying to grow, source, import and market the bafflingly endless uses of pure, undiluted cocoa.

A google-search of the title is as disturbingly unsavoury as it gets (typing in ‘willies chocolate’ produces results more inclined towards Ramsay’s extra-curricular activities), and this is a great, feel-good Cooking/Reality show that emphasises the importance of family as much as it does the exquisite, taste-bud corrupting joys of cocoa.

The Christmas-themed recipes are as ingeniously brilliant as Harcourt-Cooze himself. It’s highly possible that the fact i watched it just before lunch made my mouth salivate a little more than usual, but Harcourt makes adding chocolate to everything from mince pies to stuffed turkeys seem inspired genius.

With slyly witty narration, a captivating presenter, amazing (and different) culinary ideas and a true Christmassy feel, Willie’s Perfect Chocolate Christmas is definitely a recipe that’ll go down well with pretty much everyone, no matter your taste.

Matt Risley