American Idol is “a bit boring”, say producers

December 16, 2008 by  
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Shock horror. The American version of Pop Idol (sharply named American Idol – he’s a genius, that Simon Cowell) “got a bit boring”. The show’s producer, Ken Warwick, dropped the bomb during a conference call with the media, saying that in the ninth season (yes, NINTH) a wild card round is going to be introduced in which the judges will be able to bring back eliminated contestants. Of course, Warwick wouldn’t name and shame but did say that “by the time it got down to the final eight…if any of them didn’t have fantastic characters, it got a bit boring”.

That’s not the only change the producers will be making. Behind the scenes footage of the contestants will be returning, as Warwick “can’t remember why we did away with it”. There’s also been murmurings of screening for the sanity of contestants, after a stalker of one of the judges appeared on the show before being found dead near her LA home. Damn good television, that.