Pick Of The Week: Monday 15th December

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CHOSEN: CHANNEL 4, Monday 15th December, 10pm Alert Me
Directed by Emmy and BAFTA-award winning film-maker Brian Woods, this is a brutally honest, unflinching account of the true horrors of child sex abuse, straight from the mouths of those who were victims. Moving, powerful and with an honesty rarely heard on such a taboo subject, this is a return to form for Channel 4’s poignant, truly affecting documentaries.



THE THING: ITV1, Tuesday 16th December, 11:10pm Alert Me
John Carpenter’s classic paranoia-laden sci-fi horror. Kurt Russell’s trapped in an Antarctic scientific research station that has been overrun by a shape-shifting alien.  When the enemy could be everyone, who can you trust? With suspense, ground-breaking special effects and enough plot twists to put Shyamalan to shame (try saying that five times quickly), this is essential cult viewing.



NIGELLA’S CHRISTMAS KITCHEN, BBC2, Wednesday 17th December, 8.30pm Alert Me
It’s Christmas time, meaning Nigella is let loose with her turkey baster once more. You know what to expect: delectable food, lashings of innuendo and a feature length equivalent of M & S’s food porn adverts. If you haven’t started thinking about Christmas dinner yet, this is a must-see.



WILLIE’S PERFECT CHOCOLATE XMAS: CHANNEL 4, Wednesday 17th December, 9pm Alert Me
A pseudo-sequel to Willie’s Wonky Chocolate Factory, Willie Harcourt-Cooze is back with an eccentrically British passion for all things chocolatey. Thanks to Gordon Ramsay’s dignity-shredding public cock-up, Harcourt-Cooze is a brilliant substitute to help celebrate the perfect family Christmas with a number of mouth watering recipes.



DUSTBIN BABY: BBC1, Sunday 21st December, 3:25pm
An adaptation of Jacqueline Wilson’s moving family drama novel, Dustbin Baby follows the story of April, a teenager who leaves her foster mother in search of her real identity. As her foster mother desperately searches for her, both lives intertwine in ways they never could have expected, finally ending up back at the dustbin where April was left 14 years before. Perfect fare for a Winter Sunday Arvo.