Sold?: Nokia N96 – Random footage = Effortlessly Cool

December 12, 2008 by  
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Why bother with elaborate marketing concepts and huge production costs when you could just get a guy who’s really good with nunchucks and get him to play ping pong with some blokes? The source of my wonder? The new advert from Nokia’s limited edition Bruce Lee phone.

Yep, here it’s the quite unrelated yet undeniably impressive content that carries this one off. I mean, how ridiculously cool is Bruce Lee? He’s playing table tennis against two, yes two guys who are clearly trying pretty hard and he’s nailing those shots every time, not with anything remotely like a table tennis paddle, instead with the fairly lethal weapon. And there was me thinking he was dead. Dude.

Alas, the phone may only be available in China but by way of the marvellous thing that is the internet we may enjoy the image of Mr. Lee flexing his pecks for Nokia and not looking like a sell out cos he’s just too damn cool.

By Susan Allen

Daz says:


You may have noticed he wasn’t holding a phone, but a set of nunchuncks! It is him, the clips were extracts from some old footage showing how cool… no, how uber cool he was.

The connection was the anniversary of his death (35 years ago!), and righlty so, was being commemerated in China where the phone was available.

Hope this helps.

Graham says:

1. It’s NOT Bruce Lee – he died in the 70s long before mobile phones were even invented.
2. It is pretty cool how they have done the ad though, but what is the relevance to Bruce?