Quote Of The Week: Eoghan Quigg a ‘gimp’

December 10, 2008 by  
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This man deserves a medal.

First, Chris Jones put up with X-Factor starlet Diana Vickers for eight months. A woman so sickeningly cute she could make Bambi look like Pol Pot, and whose ‘spazz hands’ and asthmatic singing would drive even the most patient man insane.

Vickers summarily got it on with fellow contestant and walking ‘Troll Doll’ Eoghan Quigg (dyslexic parents can really make life hard, can’t they?), allegedly throwing Jones out quicker than a pair of her arty-farty plimsolls.

But rather than take it lying down, Jones has hit back, telling a friend on Facebook that Quigg is a “gimp? and he has nothing to worry about as the pair are “just friends.?

After Vickers eviction on Saturday night, Quigg is one of only three acts left in the competition. Jones rather subtly dug the boot in further when he wrote “JLS to win – come on boys!”

Whatever happens with the love triangle, Jones can rest easy knowing that unlike many politicians, lawyers and presidents of state, he was able to accurately voice the mood of the entire nation with just a couple of carefully chosen words.