Peep Show Duo Writing New Show

December 9, 2008 by  
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Rejoice, for two of UK television’s brightest hopes have announced they’re writing a new programme.

That rejoicing might become a little tempered though when you hear they’re writing a sitcom for the BBC. Name one good BBC sitcom of the last five years.

And if anyone says ‘My Family’, I’ll personally track down your IP address, hunt out your workplace/home/internet café and beat you around the face with the dismembered head of Robert Lindsay, who I’ve just bludgeoned to death due to the sleeper agent blood-rage that descends upon me every time I hear the ‘should-be-illegal’ combination of ‘Good Sitcom’ and ‘My Family’ in the same sentence.

That said, if anyone can pull it off, it’s David Mitchell and Robert Webb. The geniuses behind Channel 4’s Peep Show are currently writing ‘Playing Shop’ for BBC2 and at least the set-up is looking suitably promising.

The pair will play Eric and Jamie, friends who go into business together after they’re made redundant, equipped only with computers, stationery and what they describe as “a blogger’s contempt for the rest of mankind?.

Oh, and their office is a garden shed.

Fingers crossed.