Monday’s TV: The end is nigh for the Spooks squad

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SPOOKS, BBC1, Monday 8th December, 9:00pm Alert me

There’s nothing better than a ruddy good chase and the potential of a bomb going off and killing millions of people to end a spy series dramatically is there? Yep, the last episode of Spooks stays true to nail-biting form forcing you to teeter on the edge of the sofa rocking gently as London once again comes unwittingly under threat from baddies with bombs.

What with the shocker of a twist last week when resident MI5er Connie turned out to be the dirty Russian mole there was considerable pressure on the team behind Spooks to live up to its audience’s high hopes and provide a suitably explosive follow up episode (I’m actually sitting with a massively smug look on my face because those lingering shots of her guilty face made me sure it was her all along- haha!). And, puns firmly aside, explosive it is.

Harry and his squad discover Tiresias, a modestly named Russian network (aren’t they all?) of silent moles, who have been planted within all sections of the British government with the objective to bring it down upon specific orders. MI5 must find out just what Russia’s intelligence services (the FSB) are planning and decide their only hope at getting one step ahead of the enemy lies in the desperation of their former colleague Connie to escape torture with the promise of a new life.

Having turned her back on the British, the fickle Connie thinks ‘ah…why not?’, does a U-turn and agrees to help the British. Revealing the plot to set off a nuclear bomb in London and offering details written in a dossier she has compiled, the team set off in search of the dossier and the co-ordinates of the bomb.

Expect a whole heap of chat about loyalty and some frosty exchanges between Ros and Connie this episode (including such spectacularly insightful gems as “You can’t handle it because you see yourself in me?- gold) as the group are forced to work together against the clock and while being pursued by the ruthless FSB.

Oh…and you won’t forget the ending in a hurry. No siree…this is British drama at its best. Roll on next series.

By Susan Allen