Human Action Man Bear Grylls Injured In Antartica

December 8, 2008 by  
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Well it had to happen sooner or later.

After numerous shows that have seen the borderline mental Bear Grylls push the boundaries of human endurance, the ex-SAS adventurer has been forced to fly home after a nasty injury sustained whilst on an Antarctic trip to raise funds for charity.

The 34-year-old presenter, who first found international fame with the series ‘Man vs. Wild’, is widely-known as a modern-day MacGuyver for his fondness in regularly dropping himself in the most dangerous, crazy situations possible with nothing but the clothes on his back for survival.

Ironically, Grylls was not injured whilst filming for a new show. Bear was taking part in an expedition for Ethanol Ventures to promote the potential of alternative energies when he fell and fractured his shoulder, causing ‘the bone to burst through the skin’. The Antarctica expedition was also intended to raise money for Global Angels, an international charity that champions the needs of children.

Let’s hope the moment is televised. After repeated accusations that he’s actually a big girly wuss who regularly fakes his own shows, this could be the moment where he wins back serious man points – that is, as long as he doesn’t cry, wince, flinch, moan or whimper when it happens.