No point (except from the Irish)

December 5, 2008 by  
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So it’s official. Terry Wogan has finally had enough of shaky harmonies and unnecessary spandex, not to mention the ‘you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours’ voting system. After 35 years of commentating on the Eurovision song contest Sir Terry has decided he shall not be heading to Moscow this year to watch the ever bizarre competition. Although admitting he was “sad to leave it all behind? Wogan was angered last year by “block? voting which saw England’s Andy Abraham left with a mere 14 points (most of which coming from Ireland) and hinted afterwards it was likely to be his last Eurovision.
BBC have been quick to replace him with fellow Irish man Graham Norton, who has probably got the nod because Jonathon Ross couldn’t be found in the office. Norton admits replacing Sir Terry will be difficult but stated that “someone must?. Norton will also host ‘Your Country Needs You’ in the new year, a talent show to select who will sing Andrew Lloyd Webber’s specially written piece for next years event. Despite Webber’s efforts, whoever wins will likely have to settle for a place further down the pecking order than a bunch of Andorran sheep farmers performing a remixed nutcracker in sequin pyjamas. Have fun Graham.