Wednesday’s TV: Warning – Do not touch the Beehive

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BEEHIVE, E4, Wednesday 3rd December, 10.30pm Alert me

Comedy fans take note of the warning sign. The first episode of this sketch show takes half an hour to watch. In that half an hour it would be more fun to actually go to a beehive, single out the queen bee, punch her in the face and then wait directly outside for the response team to arrive. That’s right, getting stung by an infuriated swarm of bees would be less excruciating than this. Getting mauled by a bear would be less excruciating than this. Having a dinner date with Dale Winton would be less excruciating than this.

Apparently this is supposed to be a comedy show, and in fairness about 22 minutes in there is a definite moment where you consider letting out a gentle snigger, but then decide better of it. The one remotely good sketch is stolen shamelessly from the Fast Show (the ‘Suits you’ salesman are almost identically replicated in air stewardess form) and an alarming number of the supposed comedy moments rely on seeing a male penis in a variety of forms (sculptures, pepper shakers, nothing is left un-phallic). This isn’t even done in a clever way and reminds you of when as a school kid, all you did was find amusing places to draw the rude shape, thinking yourself outrageously witty. This show could well be scripted on a homework diary.

Comedy seems to be becoming harder and harder to achieve with new sketch show after new sketch show failing miserably. There is simply nothing to cling to with this effort. Any show that relies on fancy dress outfits to get laughs is not worth watching. The opening sketch is based entirely around a novelty duck outfit. Case closed. It even has the nerve to mock successful shows such as Sex and the City. Maybe make sure your own flies are done up before laughing at someone else’s appearance.

So if you have a spare half hour, wash the dishes, unblock the toilet pipe, go the petrol station and drink directly from the pump, do anything but watch this. If you do have the misfortune of catching any of it, prepare to feel stung.

Craig Woods

prospero13 says:

It was perfectly good. Sex and the City killed as did the rural Madonnas.

Dave Tee says:

Did one of the girls on this show dump you?

By the way you can’t write.