The Lowdown: Things you didn’t know about John Simm

December 2, 2008 by  
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Despite John Simm being a recognizable star for his notable roles in Life on Mars and Doctor Who, he very much likes to keep himself to himself. Currently back on televisions in The Devil’s Whore, Simm remains elusive when it comes to off screen publicity. So here are a few things you may not know about the ‘Master’:

1. Despite being born in Leeds, Simm is a big fan of Manchester United and often likes to reference this in his character names (Cal McCaffrey in State of Play for example). Not like a Manchester United fan to be based out of Manchester though.

2. He is a big guitar player and began his career singing Elvis’s Wooden Heart alongside his father at a working men’s club. They called themselves ‘Us2’. A modern day X Factor goldmine!

3. John later played in a band that went on two tours with Echo and the Bunnymen.

4. His favorite book is Crime and Punishment. Simm acted in the televised version in 2002.

5. He and his actress wife, Kate MacGowan, almost didn’t marry because they loathed the idea of appearing in Hello! The same reason why Jordan and Peter Andre nearly shied away from tying the knot.

6. Whilst on a stag weekend in Amsterdam, Simm spent a whole day queuing to get into the Van Gogh museum… Sure, a Van Gogh museum, that sounds Dutch enough when pressed for a swift answer.

7. Once dated Emma Bunton but decided to end it and look for a relationship with a bit more spice.

8. Loves ballet.

9. Made his professional stage debut in 1997 at the west London Studio Theatre ‘The Bush’ in Simon Bent’s play Goldhawk Road.

10. As a young actor, he dreamed of being Tom Cruise by the time he was 27. His dreams were shot when he crept over the 5 foot mark.