Pick of the Week: Monday 1st December

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Growing Babies – War In The Womb
Thursday 4 December on BBC FOUR 9pm

Infant psychologist Laverne Antrobus takes a fresh look at pregnancy and its role in determining human development and behaviour.In the first programme, Antrobus explores the battleground of pregnancy from both inside and out, giving a unique insight into both the mother’s and the baby’s bodies. The programme illustrates how babies and mothers have a battle for survival from conception to birth.

Jungle Marathon Thursday 4 December on ITV4 10pm
Following on from ITV4’s coverage of the Marathon Des Sables, the channel brings you an exclusive insight into the Jungle Marathon – possibly the most dangerous race in the world. The competition takes place in the Amazon rainforest and the entrants will race under sweltering conditions of forty degree heat and 90% humidity.

Jimmy Carr Live: Comedian Friday 5 December on C4 10:35pm
British comedian Jimmy Carr plays host to an exclusive night of entertainment from London’s Bloomsbury theatre, unleashing his rapid-fire wit upon his audience, delivering the unique brand of perfectly timed one-liners and deadpan comedy for which he has become so well known. Armed with his trademark one-liners and a raft of new tongue-in-cheek gags, viewers are in for a treat.

Hot Shots! Part Deux Wednesday 3 December on Sky Movies Comedy 8pm

Charlie Sheen and Valeria Golino are back to lob more gag-grenades in a Rambo-inspired sequel to the jet-propelled spoof. Some military men have been
captured in Iraq but the first rescue mission wasn’t too successful. So it’s up to Sheen’s gung-ho commando Topper Harley to get the men who went in to get the men. Confused? President Lloyd Bridges certainly is.