Britney plugs her new single…Wait, sorry. Britney plugs in her new single

December 1, 2008 by  
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Britney Spears, never one to cause much controversy, seems to have angered a lot of fans by miming her way through Saturday’s X Factor performance. The show, which saw Britney’s comeback in the UK, left a bitter taste in the mouths of viewers who saw the judges rise to their feet applauding the performance despite basically listening to live radio. Britney was also criticized for not doing her research after ducking out of several questions regarding the contestants. When asked to give advice to the singers she gave a truly inspiring response of “Good luck and just keep doing it.?

X factor bosses are unlikely to give one musical note about the issue as they pulled in the biggest ratings of the season so far peaking at nearly 50% audience share. After last weeks John Sergeant fiasco helped BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing figures significantly, ITV are sure to be relieved that debate has now shifted back to their corner. How will Strictly react to such stiff competition? It’s a little early to predict but possible scenarios include a dramatic return for Sergeant (the added twist being him returning with talent after 2 weeks vigorous training in the peaks of Akaishi alongside Mr Miyagi), a rift between judges going too far and resulting in a live sword fight, with voters choosing who lives and who dies, or worse still, the unthinkable, Bruce shaving off his moustache… Don’t do it Brucie, it’s not worth it.

Britney Spears is the bomb luv you!