Rooney’s out on the street but Sky hit the target

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‘Coke Zero’ Presents: Wayne Rooney’s Street Striker, Sky1, Sunday November 30th, 7pm

Let’s be honest, the thought of Wayne Rooney presenting a television show sends shivers down the spine of anyone who has seen a post match interview with the Manchester United star. Add street soccer into the formula, a subject associated with jerky close ups of feet supported by a soundtrack of gangster rap and you’ve got an hour long recipe for disaster. But surprisingly it isn’t one. In fact, what Sky one has got is probably one of the most honest reality shows out there.

Let’s get the negatives out of the way first, every time Wayne Rooney talks on camera you can’t help but cringe. He is a man well and truly lost when it comes to intelligent insight and looks like a tourist without a map, searching for direction, wishing he was at home and appearing to speak a different language underneath all the mumbling. Claire Tomlinson’s ‘the…world…is….going… to end’ narration also becomes quite tedious (They’re competing for a free holiday to Brazil, it’s not life or death!) as does co presenter Sue Smith who, like the ginger one from Girls Aloud, spends most of her time trying to sneak into shot from the sidelines.

The premise of the show is great though and is sure to attract football fans and reality addicts alike. 24 street footballers, three rounds of intriguing football games involving moving car tyres and seventh storey balconies with one winner going to Brazil to represent England at a football training school. Andy Ansah, an ex player drafted in by Rooney to over see the development of the players is a far more natural presenter (albeit, not quite as natural a footballer after a somewhat muted career at Brentford) and carries the show through interviews with contestants and crucial decider scenes to determine who goes and who stays in the tournament.

There are no sob stories here, if you’re no good you’re gone. Several times a story strand seemed to be developing only for the contestant to mess up a challenge and head for the exit. That’s what is so likable about Wayne Rooney’s Street Striker, it’s simple, it’s watchable and it’s not filled with suspense building pauses or unnecessary pyrotechnics. Some scenes drag but this will resolve itself as fewer contestants remain.

As enjoyable as it is to watch, the real winner of the show is your average double glazing window salesman as the challenges just make you want to pick up a football and pelt it against the nearest wall or perhaps even start a game down your street. In fact, This could well be the show that finally jams British roads for good.

Craig Woods

balls deeeep says:

”like the ginger one from Girls Aloud, spends most of her time trying to sneak into shot from the sidelines”

just so uneccessary…

i have never noticed nicola GA trying to ”sneek into a shot”

only the weak shoot at easy targets
ED: Was quite funny though.