TV’s Most Annoying Couple Tie the Knot

November 25, 2008 by  
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Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt of the MTV “reality” series The Hills have got hitched in a secret, surprise ceremony in Mexico. The two eloped last week, and their decision to tie the knot came as a surprise to many, not least Heidi’s parents. These two beautiful people have been perfect tabloid fodder, and their relationship has been followed with eager eyes. It was only last year that Heidi imposed a “relationship vacation”, otherwise known as a break, in response to Pratt’s roving eye.

This isn’t the first time marriage has been brought up in this made-for-TV relationship. In 2007, Pratt proposed to Montag after eight months together, presenting her with a diamond encrusted platinum band set with a purple stone. This time, the news was broken by Perez Hilton, king bee of empty celebrity gossip. Apparently Heidi declared that Spencer Pratt had “opened my eyes and shown me a new world…you are truly my prince charming and dream guy”. In response, Pratt said that Montag was the “light of my life”, which is a little bizarre considering that they only reunited after a previous secretive journey to Mexico in which “Heidi read me Biblical passages like ‘Honor thy wife'”.