Pick of the Week: Monday 24th November

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JIMMY’S GM FOOD FIGHT: BBC TWO, Tuesday 25th November 9.00pm Alert Me

Conveniently photogenic farmer and scientist Jimmy Doherty goes on the hunt for evidence of the benefits of GM food, travelling to the Americas, where people have been eating GM food with no ill effect for over a decade as well as spending some time in Uganda asking whether GM bananas would be the answer to the ominous sounding Black Sigatoka. He does have a declared interest in GM, though – he’s had to get rid of 800 pigs in the last year because of the rising cost of organic, non-GM corn.

TRUE STORIES: MR UNTOUCHABLE: More4, Tuesday 25th November 10pm Alert Me

More4’s True Stories series takes a look at Nicky Barnes, a New York kingpin who went from being a down and out teenage junkie in Harlem to becoming one of the most powerful drug lords ever. Mr Untouchable was played by Cuba Gooding Jr. in the film American Gangster and became a part of New York underground folklore.

IN AMERICA: More4, Friday 28th November 9.00pm Alert Me

Few things could be more welcome on our screens than this Jim Sheridan film about an Irish family attempting to adapt to life in America. Shane Meadows favourite Paddy Considine stars alongside Samantha Morton and Djimon Honsou, both of whom were nominated at the Oscars for their roles in this film. It’s a little over sweet, but perfect for a late November Friday night when it’s too cold to go out to play.

CATASTROPHE: C4, Monday 24th November 9.00pm Alert Me

Tony Robinson fronts C4’s new series on the string of conincidences and natural “disasters” which led to life on earth. This first episode focusses on the collision of a planet the same size as Mars with the embryonic Earth, leading to the formation of the Moon and the consequences of its gravitational pull on the Earth’s tides.

PARENTS OF THE BAND: BBC ONE, Friday 28th November 8.30pm Alert Me

Jimmy Nail of Auf Wiedersehen, Pet fame comes back to the BBC for a new comedy series in which he stars as Phil Palmer, an eighties one-hit wonder turned cabinet maker convinced that his son’s lacklustre band can do more than pull girls. Comes with attendant drama in the form of tangential plotlines of failed romance and teenage hormones.