Pattison in his Twilight year

November 21, 2008 by  
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It’s most likely been somewhat of a bizarre week for actor Robert Pattinson. Born in London and probably best known for his role as Cedric in Harry Potter, the star found himself strutting up the Los Angeles red carpet this week ahead of the eagerly anticipated release of Twilight (in which he plays lead role Edward Cullen) with thousands of screaming fans desperately trying to get a glimpse. “It’s a little nuts? the actor admits as well as being quick to take the praise off himself. “They’re in love with the character. Everyone always says I’m in love with you and I’m like, why??

As hard as it must be having adoring fans Pattison is probably quite relived he appears to have won support after initially being slated by fans for being completely wrong for the part. Much like the U turn shown with Daniel Craig in the James Bond series movie goers now seem more than happy to accept him for who he is. Series author Stephanie Meyer said “He was really the only guy who could’ve played him.? Producers obviously agreed as Pattison reportedly beat 5,000 auditioning actors to the role. The film premieres here in the UK on the 3rd of December.