24 goes to Africa via Carlyle

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24 Redemption, SKY1, 24TH November, 10pm

Thank heavens Fox have finally realized what everyone else concluded several months ago…January is far too long to wait for the new series of 24. Like every other die hard fan I have been doing all I can to pass the time. Whether it’s been debating Tony Almeida’s continued existence despite being injected with a lethal dose of toxins and shot at point blank range, or whether it’s been spending a day listening to the gripping soundtrack on my MP3 and shouting ‘damn it’ continuously (not to mention needlessly) I have done everything there is to do to keep in 24 mode.Even pictures of a drunken Kiefer Sutherland stumbling off his bar stall topless have given me small saviours to cling to.

But now finally 24 is back in the form of a two hour special airing on Sky1. It will certainly be a novel experience only watching two hours of the programme and not spending a day glued to the sofa surviving on ominous crumbs that have slipped through the cushions years ago, but then beggars can not be choosers.

Watching the trailer it seemed very clear from the off that everything was back to normal – The world is screwed, Jack’s on it. What was interesting to note was that while the first ever American female President is being sworn into power Jack Bauer is spending some much needed time away from American shores doing anything but putting his feet up in the Costa Brava drinking cocktails. Instead he appears to have teamed up with the most unlikely of allies in the form of Robert Carlyle (he can’t be playing a good guy surely?) in Africa trying to stop child soldiers being abducted to fight in a civil war.

How the two tie in is still not clear but one thing is for sure, Jack Bauer’s ability to sniff out a terrorist will mean he’ll be conveniently close to the matter at hand. Another banker will be that for two hours I will be clutching my chair, sweating profusely and wishing to higher powers that the CTU replica ringtone on my phone actually made me part of the gang.

Craig Woods