Sold?: WD-40…the political lubricant?

November 20, 2008 by  
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What with the rather monumental news that the US elected their first black president, it seems like every man and his mutt is headily leaping onto the political band-wagon.  You’d think an ad for canned oil might just shy away though, right?  Wrong.  As convoluted a connection as multi-purpose lubricant and American politics might have, the WD-40 marketing team are cracking open the bevvies and joining the revelry.  One advertising opportunity they just couldn’t let slip by the outcome is this sneaky little viral video.

Cheekily simple in format, this quip of a mini ad shows a guy post-election, effortlessly ridding himself of his ‘McCain’ sticker.  Aided in his sticker-removal by a handy can of WD-40, and to the amusement of Obama supporters everywhere, he escapes with his car, and dignity, intact.  Is it actually political though?  I guess, if you were feeling especially w*nky, you could see WD-40 here as a kind of political lubricant, if you will, the stuff of hope slickly enabling change in America to come about and sticking two fingers up at the old guy- McCain who?  But really, it’s just the WD-40 guys gate-crashing the election party in the wee hours, dressed in branded T-shirts and mouthing off like they were there all along.

You know, if this ad really kicks off, next we might be seeing a new type of WD-40 on the shelves, the product of the election after after party.  The “Yes We Can? of oil.   Perhaps it’ll be darker in colour.  Too far?  Seriously, stranger things have happened.

By Susan Allen