Luke Faces the truth about Kelly Osbourne

November 20, 2008 by  
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Star of Project Catwalk Kelly Osbourne has apparently agreed to marry 18 year old model Luke Worrall. However, the 23 year old who came to fame for being somewhat erratic on the television series ‘The Osbournes’ may be equally surprised over the announcement after it was only revealed on Luke’s Facebook page when his status became ‘engaged to Kelly Osbourne’. Kelly, who has been reportedly dating Worrall for six months, has previously expressed an interest in marriage saying the pair “get on so well?.

How famous rockstar dad Ozzy has reacted is unknown but the very thought of him walking someone down the isle at his own pace will surely force Kelly into booking the church out for an extra hour or so. All will be made worth while if he gets his hands on a guitar at the reception. Whilst classic Black Sabbath tracks such as ‘A Hard Road’ and ‘Paranoid’ may not inspire the newlyweds, they’ll be sure to thrill the wedding guests. Keep your eyes on Luke’s Facebook status for more updates.

Kelly will also soon be appearing in animated form at cinemas across the UK promoting Virgin Media. Let’s hope the animators don’t have to go back and add an engagement ring.