Wednesday’s TV: The Big Bang Theory- Sixty million years in the making wasn’t long enough

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THE BIG BANG THEORY, E4, Wednesday 19th November, 9:00pm Alert me

Nerds unite! The new series of The Big Bang Theory has arrived! Although, I’m not entirely sure how…or why.

The first episode of season two sees sweet but romantically inept Leonard trying to fathom why his blossoming relationship with Penny has gone off the boil. Whilst the others dole out relationship advice (which is just about as sound as that given to Eminem and Kim when they were convinced to give it another shot), Penny confides to Sheldon that her own insecurities are stopping her moving forward with Leonard. Sworn to secrecy on the matter by Penny, Sheldon endeavours to keep his mouth shut without developing a nervous tick- cue “hilarious nerdy antics.?

The second season of the Big Bang Theory offers more of the same as the first, only a little bit worse. The excitement of a new comedy series has gone and yet all the characters appear to be in pretty much the same situation they were in at the beginning of the last series. Added to this, there’s only so many times you can hear a science swot describe something by its chemical make-up rather than just using the word yogurt.

But it would appear that even geeks of the highest order can still make toilet jokes: when five minutes in Sheldon asks if Penny is referring to digestive regularity I found myself on the verge of weeping that a series based around four of the US’ finest scholars has descended to the level of scatological humour.

Laughs aside, what I find disconcerting about this show is the central characters don’t seem to have any real regard for each other whatsoever. There’s no tangible emotional connection between them. Even Leonard doesn’t seem hugely bothered at the thought that Penny has gone off him. Ok, so we all know the general dip in social skills that comes with massively logical brains, but you can’t tell me that’s a pure science thing rather than a poorly-constructed plot.

So I fear E4 must continue on its journey to find an American comedy. Onward, E4, go forth! Still, things could be alot worse; at least it’s not The War At Home.

By Kristina Heaney

Mary Lee says:

I adore Big Bang. I think the script is sharp and witty. The characters are consistently immature and socially inept. They do show affection towards each other and seem to know each other well, however these guys do have some testosterone and there is a lot professional jealousy and rivalry between them. They are simply extremely funny. Long live Big Bang!

Mary :) says:

How did this show get a second series? I’m totally perplexed to find it back on our screens again! The worst thing about it is that it’s not completely dire but it’s not good either- it just ‘is’.