Chiklis going out on a High

November 19, 2008 by  
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With the hit American television show ‘The Shield’ drawing to a dramatic close in the States (Never fear, we’ve still got another season over here) lead role Detective Vic Mackey has decided to go back to school.

Actor Michael Chiklis (Mackey) is reported to be linking up with Adrien Brody and Yeardley Smith (aka Lisa Simpson’s voice) to make a comedy film based around a stoner caught smoking in school who decides, rather than accept his fate and take the punishment, will instead attempt to get the whole high school stoned, making his drug test results appear normal.

Chiklis is set to play the principal (Having seen him in the Shield is this someone you really want to cross over no homework?). However Vic Mackey was notorious for his dodgy dealings whist getting the job done so who knows, he may just sit back and allow the biggest deal in high school history to go down providing he gets a cut.

One thing is for sure, when the season finale ends at the end of the month it will be hard to see him as anyone else but Vic Mackey dressed in a principals uniform.