Sold?: Freeview+ indulges our childhood fantasies

November 12, 2008 by  
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When you think about it, it’s pretty mind-blowing that modern life means we have the ability to pause live TV. Since the magnificent plus sign was introduced to our telly-watching lives by Sky and now by rivals Freeview time suddenly lost a little of its grandeur. Look at us now- we’re a generation of active choosers, not passive recipients! We decide just what we want to pay attention to and exactly when, no longer forced to sit up and listen like an anxious school kid or reduced to communicate with fellow viewers solely with sssshhhs and icy glares.

And isn’t it even more wonder-inducing that with their new ad for this service, Freeview have allowed us to indulge our preciously held belief that soaps are, in fact, real life?! So now, when I’ve paused Corrie to make a quick cuppa, I can imagine at that very moment that me ole mates Fizz and Sean are having a wee chat beyond the screen, you know, how they do, waiting for me to return to start the drama again. Ahh…that treasured TV-characters-being-little-people-within-the-box caprice, it’s like the ultimate childhood fantasy, going hand in hand with teddies being alive.

Now the only disappointing, dream-shattering thing for one of the broadcasters, someone like, oh I don’t know, ITV say, to do now, would be to introduce automatically placed overlay advertising- logos projected into blank spaces within the soap transmission itself. Yeah, that would truly mess up the myth. But what am I saying? They’ll never do that…naaaaahhhhhhh…

By Susan Allen