Tuesday’s TV: Special Forces heroes: “Iranian Embassy Siege”

November 11, 2008 by  
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This is the story of the events that transpired on Wednesday 30th April, 1980. The six day Iranian Embassy Siege is the most notorious British special forces incident since the Second World War. With 26 hostages in peril, we are taken along the journey from initial reports of the embassy being over run, to the nearly disastrous conclusion when SAS members burst into action.

A well made and very tense documentary that really makes for a compelling watch. A mixture of reenactments and face-to-face very personal recollection from the people involved, really do make this a must see documentary. Ex-SAS members give gritty and visceral detail while depiction this real life thriller. The footage taken from news broadcasts and metropolitan police tapes really make for an addictive watch which will appeal to those that remember this saga.
Witnesses account they’re part in the six day siege that was emotion filled. Once the SAS are introduced into this story, the depth of how real and nail biting that this horrible situation really was for everyone, suddenly unfolds. After the killing of a hostage, finally the plan to get in, kill the bad guys and get out start. This daring mission was so close to disaster but by the skills of the soldiers and a lot of luck, the story is brought to a stunning conclusion.
Watching this story gives a truly eye-opening perspective on what actually happened in the events of May 6th 1980, when the siege came to a dramatic end. The true thought that is left after watching the Iranian Embassy Siege, is that even after 28 years, what happened to everyone involved has stayed with them and will be remembered for many more years to come.

By James Feeney