News: Myleene Klass to present ’10 Years Younger’

November 10, 2008 by  
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Wowee.  This is some news.  Channel 4 have secured recent winner of Cosmopolitan’s Ultimate TV Presenter Award, Myleene Klass, to present a new series of 10 Years Younger.

Due to return early next year, the series has changed format somewhat.  Not only has Nicky Hambleton-Jones passed over the mantle of makeover/mutation presenter, but also instead of putting women through intensive makeovers involving pretty hefty cosmetic surgery, 10 Years Younger: The Challenge has a bit of a format twist.

This time it’s a competition, Natural vs. The Knife.  The two youth inducing methods will go head to head as two members of the public, who think they look too old will veer down very different paths to achieve a younger look.  While one will go for the surgery option, the other will use non invasive methods including make-up, hair and cunning fashion tricks.

Myleene Klass says: “It’s a real privilege to present such a well established show that makes a monumental difference to people’s lives.”

Andrew Jackson, Editor, Features, says: “We’re thrilled to have Myleene on board as the format has been reinvented at a time when the pressure to look young, and the choices available to achieve that look, are being examined so closely. From her days as a pop star through to her modelling career, Myleene knows exactly what it’s like to have her face and body scrutinised so she’ll be able to relate to the men and women featured in the programme.?

Let’s just hope the ones who have had their face sliced open and weeks of painful healing manage to secure a win each week, otherwise there may be some rather awkward moments to come in 2009…