Pick of the Week: Saturday 8th October

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Final Episode: JOHN ADAMS
More 4, Saturday 8th November, 5:30pm Alert Me
The Emmy-winning epic historical series concludes its UK premiere on More4. Old age and retirement sees John Adams write his memoirs as his daughter and wife pass way. He also lives to see his son, John Quincy Adams, get elected President.

Film Four, Sunday 9th November, 9:00pm Alert Me

Unemployed friends Gaz (Robert Carlyle), a bitter but devoted divorced father, and Dave (Mark Addy), an overweight but dedicated husband, stumble upon a local Chippendales-style show. They decide to start their own strip act in order to make some quick cash, and to take their minds off the dole. They pick up new recruits Gerald (Tom Wilkinson), Guy (Hugo Speer), Lomper (Steve Huison) and Horse (Paul Barber) along the way, and several dance lessons (and a now famous practice in a dole office queue) later they are ready to perform, helped by advance publicity that they will do “the full monty” for their audience.

BBC Two, Tuesday 11th November, 9:00pm Alert Me

Around one in four people in the UK has been diagnosed with mental illness at some point in their lives. This two-part special for Horizon confronts this stigma and probes the fine line between mental illness and sanity. It asks: how mad are you? The programme features 10 volunteers; half have psychiatric disorders, the other half don’t – but who is who? Over five days, the group takes part in a life-changing experience as they are put through a series of challenges – from performing stand-up comedy to mucking out cows – to see who copes best with the tests put before them. The events are designed to explore the character traits of mental illness and ask whether the symptoms might be within all of us.

BBC One, Wednesday 12th November, 8:30pm Alert Me

To mark the 60th birthday of HRH The Prince of Wales in November, BBC One shows a special documentary that gives new and revealing insights into one of the most influential men in Britain. Over the course of a year, the BBC – with unprecedented access – has observed the Prince at work and on duty in the UK and abroad, and at home at Clarence House in London, Highgrove in Gloucestershire and Birkhall in Aberdeenshire.

BBC Three, Wednesday 12th November, 9:00pm Alert Me

Twelve of Britain’s most successful young entrepreneurs compete to see who can create the most profitable businesses in six different cities across the world, in a new series for BBC Three. Completely out of their comfort zones and stripped of all luxury, the wealthy young magnates are tested to see how successfully they can create a business from scratch in a different industry and a different country each week. Without their credit cards and contact books, how will they fare?