Sold?: Baileys goes Blatant with their new Sexy-ish Ad

November 5, 2008 by  
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Wow, the creative brainstorming meeting for this new ad from Baileys must have been a short one. I can just picture it now.  A spider diagram with ‘Baileys’ scrawled inside a bubble in the middle, the words ‘creamy’, ‘white’ and ‘liquid’ on offshoots around it and a burgeoning snigger among the guys staring at the whiteboard as one smugly completes the diagram with an obscene drawing.  “Sorted. Where shall we go for lunch??

Relaying a montage of ladies’ lips being splattered with creamy liquid, it’s not hard to see that this new campaign ain’t no workout for the imagination.  Sultry chants and visually repetitive shots of excitable mouths keep it fairly simple relying on the age old hope that anything vaguely related to sex will surely sell. Yummy yummy, drops of creamy liquid splashing onto ladies’ luscious lips.  Lick it all off…mmmm…Isn’t this sexy and quirky? Hmmm…

Although it does end up a bit weird rather than truly sexy, it’ll definitely get people talking , and that’s half the battle in advertising.  Do you ever think a shot of Baileys will ever go down quite the same again?…

By Susan Allen