Wednesday’s TV: Rude Tube- making the internet less funny

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RUDE TUBE, E4, Wednesday 5th of November , 10:00pm

Ok, lets examine how to make a funny internet video not funny:

1. Take a young, faintly smug presenter with strangely straight teeth and get him to talk to the audience like a children’s entertainer.
2. Take said video clip and add goofy You’ve Been Framed style music so that if the audience didn’t know it was ‘funny’ before, they do once they have heard the comedic German drinking song begin.
3. Make an annoying commentary and use it while replaying the funniest moment of the clip over and over again until the audience wants to kill themselves.

Rude Tube successfully sucks the funny out of what once held audiences entranced when they were actually watching them on youtube. I can understand the importance of bringing the viral phenomenon to regular television viewers but there is something fundamentally dated about the format being applied to this show. The spontaneity of a viral is destroyed with an ITV-esque soundtrack and unfunny voice over, so that even as we are watching a funny video the smug wheedling voice of the presenter is telling us to find it funny and why. Yes, back in the day of Jeremy Beadle you could get away with this. Not anymore. There is a reason why people put their videos on youtube and not on America’s Funniest Home Videos. The best thing about virals is that the require no explanation or introduction. They tap into people private stupid moments and bounce them into wildly public arenas. There is something discovered about them- we never know what we are getting into when the video begins. Still, as fun though that is, Rude Tube ruins it by leading the audience like a group of school kids in a crocodile across the landscape of the internet and the gags in each video.

Sadly for Rude Tube, we are not stupid. The funniest thing about this show are the bits inbetween when you get to momentarily to see the video underneath the crap. Annoyingly, I would have expected this from ITV but not from Channel 4. I can’t believe i’m going to say this but Ponderland does it better. Shame on you Rude Tube for making me say that.

By McGee Noble

Azap says:

Watching this show was like nails to a blackboard and 200 sweaty middle eastern armpits. Totally ruined it for me. Why can’t they make a show showing youtube videos without some f**king retard commenting, and the stupid music on every single – clip that makes you wanna blow your brains out all over the room.

This program basically stabbed the youtube videos and let the funny bleed out of them, then they have some retarded d*psh*t through up on the corpse. They think the result is gonna be funny and sell. Wrong!

They are showing this in Norway now
found this site by googling: rude tube sucks

Ben M-S says:

The presenter reminds me of being sick in disgust. I’ve never done it but I can imagine exactly what it would be like thanks to this specemin.

This review doesn’t encapsulate exactly what I hate about the programme but not because it isn’t right because it is. The programme is shit, it IS patronising and worst of all it is ITV esque.

My quarm lies prominantly with the expectancy made by channel four that one can use a litteral sh*t mark on commedies history as its presenter. Would he quit and get a job managing a call centre where his fake smile and faker still humor belongs.

John says:

Yeah first time i saw that presenter thought he was an idiot, 2nd time thought he was an absolute prick and then 3rd time ruined the show because i was just thinking of ways i’d like to harm him and make that a youtube video! Get this dick off Tv!

susan says:

100% agreed – this guy has no social skills. I can’t believe he is being paid to present a programme. He makes me cringe

rude tube says:

its a great show. i thought it was funny on some clips. you can see all the videos here it has all the rude tube clips ever shown on tv

Anonymous says:

Totally agree. Lame programme with even lamer presenter.