C4 pilots look to get sitcoms flying again

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If you’re someone who enjoys a good sitcom your probably still having to rely on your 19th loop of Friends episodes, secretly praying for a joke that doesn’t involve Ross’s failed marriages or Joey’s charming stupidity. Make no mistake about it, sitcoms have not been the success story of 2008. Fear no more. Channel 4 has announced plans for a second season of comedy sitcom pilots in the autumn with the hope of finally finding something to get us over the Central Perk days. Openly appealing for new pitches to be brought to them, the broadcaster is searching for unique ideas that will set the comedy world alight in 2009.
‘Comedy Showcase’, the season format for the pilots, had a successful spell on the channel during 4’s 25th Anniversary celebrations and with three shows getting the go ahead for a full series last time round, including Free Agents (set to air soon), the second season of comedy is hoping for similar accomplishments this time round. So, if you’ve got an idea that stinks of absolute brilliance why not give it a try? Apparently they’re not accepting pitches about six close mates who live together and go get coffee sometimes though… Their loss.

Rooney’s out on the street but Sky hit the target

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‘Coke Zero’ Presents: Wayne Rooney’s Street Striker, Sky1, Sunday November 30th, 7pm

Let’s be honest, the thought of Wayne Rooney presenting a television show sends shivers down the spine of anyone who has seen a post match interview with the Manchester United star. Add street soccer into the formula, a subject associated with jerky close ups of feet supported by a soundtrack of gangster rap and you’ve got an hour long recipe for disaster. But surprisingly it isn’t one. In fact, what Sky one has got is probably one of the most honest reality shows out there.

Let’s get the negatives out of the way first, every time Wayne Rooney talks on camera you can’t help but cringe. He is a man well and truly lost when it comes to intelligent insight and looks like a tourist without a map, searching for direction, wishing he was at home and appearing to speak a different language underneath all the mumbling. Claire Tomlinson’s ‘the…world…is….going… to end’ narration also becomes quite tedious (They’re competing for a free holiday to Brazil, it’s not life or death!) as does co presenter Sue Smith who, like the ginger one from Girls Aloud, spends most of her time trying to sneak into shot from the sidelines.

The premise of the show is great though and is sure to attract football fans and …read more

I’m A Celebrity (Reviewer) Get Me Out of Here: Day 11

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It was eviction night last night! What with all the excitement of Brian stating the obvious on a continuous loop, I’d actually completely forgotten that contestants get voted off periodically. Its all very exciting, even for me, because its essentially a countdown until the bloody thing ends. My friends were complaining last week that I have nothing of interest to say, unless it’s about ‘I’m a Celebrity’. I took it on the chin. Probably because they were right. I keep having dreams about Joe rescuing me from pirates, those dreams make it all worthwhile. The ‘Aha, me hearties!’ kind of pirate, not the organised kind which holds ships hostage with machine guns, and gets defeated by Steven Seagal, who’s also a chef.

I realised yesterday that I have been a fool. Timmy has a master plan. A plan to mastermind a cult of deviants, who will take over the camp, one by one, until they get to Joe and use him to breed as the emodiment of human Read more

I’m A Celebrity (Reviewer) Get Me Out of Here: Day 10

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Did you read the thing about Boy George? Apparently, he met an escort online, invited him back to his flat so that they could set up a pornographic photo shoot together (bless!) and then took an awful lot of something they shouldn’t and rhymes with smoshmaine. Bizarrely, it all went wrong (I know, I know, I was surprised too), and BG later ended up chaining the escort to a wall and beating him up, because he broke his computer. Oh, the times I’ve done that when a colleague has broken the office photocopier! Luckily, there’s always a Brian-a-like on hand at work to sit me down and explain in soothing tones why violence isn’t appropriate for the workplace. More importantly, why on earth wasn’t Boy George invited to the jungle, hmm? He’d totally jazz things up ‘Armin Meiwes’ style.

Yesterday, the news was revealed that Timmy is second favourite to win ‘I’m a Celeb’. The bookies haven’t been watching, then. A colleague tried to get me to lay off Timmy in my blog: apparently she thinks he’s ‘really entertaining to watch‘. I asked her if, since she was such a huge fan, I could watch his scenes vicariously through her eyes, but she seemed to think that in order to convert me to Timmy-love, I need to keep on watching. A bit like inverted aversion therapy, then. Goodo. On a lighter note, Brian is the bookies’ favourite to get voted off first. I reckon ITV will rig the vote. He’s hardly likely to be raking in the viewers for them, is he? If he wants to stay in the game, he needs to start taking his clothes off and soaping himself erotically next to a convenient nearby waterfall, or behaving oddly enough to warrant a ‘look at that car accident!’ style interest. Read more

Friday’s TV: Unreported world- Child Brides, Broken lives

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UNREPORTED WORLD: CHILD BRIDES, BROKEN LIVES, Channel 4, Friday 28th November 7.35pm

In the latest of Channel 4′s ongoing Unreported World series, reporter Ravita Navai travelled to Nigeria in order to uncover the murky world of child brides. The programme reveals a bizarre throwback to more traditional days, when early marriage was seen as a convenient way to avoid thorny issues of female independence and, particularly, sex before marriage.

Navai is a little overbearing, as Unreported World journalists tend to be, but her presentation is clear and never errs too far into emotional declarations whilst maintaining a very human touch. It is however, in an interview with a doctor who treats fistula (Google it, if you dare) cases that we are given the most damning verdict on Read more

BBC’s Cowboy Showdown

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The BBC has commissioned a new daytime series aiming to expose rogue traders across the country. ‘Cowboy Trap’, presented by property expert Clive Holland, has promised to name and shame dodgy workmen who do lousy jobs and steal all the teabags in the process. The new show is likely to strike fear into BBC presenter Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen who has been getting away with overpriced botch jobs for years. The 20 x 45 minute shows also plan to give expert advice on avoiding scams and expensive quotes. Expert tradesman will then be on hand to help out those effected repair the mess.

The programme is intended to appeal to an audience in recession who are choosing to do up their own house’s rather than look for other properties. When asked what time the show would air the BBC couldn’t name a specific date. Next week was too busy, then Christmas was coming, not to mention the workload early in the new year so the best bet would be to stay in your house between 9 and 5 during the month of August 2009.

The Lowdown: Things you didn’t know about Reese Witherspoon

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Although we all know Reese Witherspoon will be spending her Christmas doing the unwanted family run in ‘Four Christmases’ here are some things you may not know about the Oscar winning star.

1. Is Seemingly not a fan of horror movies as she turned down the lead roles in Scream and Urban Legend. Obviously an individual not fond of searching abandoned, haunted warehouses alone.

2. Her career was already blossoming at the age of seven when she appeared in an advert for a local florist… Since then Witherspoon’s work hasn’t withered away…A good bunch of flower puns stemming from that.

3. Her ancestor John Witherspoon (originally from Scotland) was one of the signatures on the United States declaration of Independence. It’s most likely he also wrote an early draft of Braveheart.

4. Reese collects …Read more

Who Really Wins When Celebrities Get Divorced?

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In the no-holds-barred deathmatch that is the celebrity divorce, does anyone really win? Well, the short answer would be, yes, someone usually does. Here’s a quick look at the Top 5 Celebrity Divorces and who came out victorious.

5. Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey

This is a prime example of the curse of the reality TV show. No one really cared about either of these “celebrities? until they appeared in the show that focused on their newly married lives, imaginatively titled ‘Newlyweds’. We got to watch them in their honeymoon phase, and then watch them fall apart. Let’s face it, this was always going to be doomed – who could possibly have thought being filmed 24/7 would create a happy, healthy marriage?! We all knew Jessica was dumb, but I didn’t think she was THAT dumb. I suppose Jess came out on top, but only because she looks good in a pair of denim hot pants.

4. Paul McCartney and Heather Mills

One of the most expensive celebrity divorces of all time, Mills and McCartney’s split caused a massive stir and was splashed all over the papers. The vote was out on who was to become the victim in all this – Heather was set to win that one, but she did herself no favours with that Read rest of article

Witherspoon full of Christmas cheer for Vaughan

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Actress Reese Witherspoon has denied claims that she and Vince Vaughan were involved in some serious seasonal squabbling during the filming of the soon to be released Four Christmases. Despite the fact the two stars are sitting in for separate interviews whilst promoting the new film around America Witherspoon insists “Vince is the funniest person I’ve ever worked with. It was a challenge for me to stay there and keep up with him.? Rumours continued further when Vaughan apparently failed to turn up for the premiere of the film.
Whether the murmurs of off screen tension are true or not reviews have suggested the on screen chemistry between the two is not quite Chris Kringle and Mary Christmas under the mistletoe. One critic moaned “Eighty-two minutes—that’s not very long. Yet when you’re not laughing, time becomes cruelly relative?. Despite this, the film is sure to be a Christmas cracker at the box office with fans of Vaughan and Witherspoon (not to mention Robert Duvall) able to see the stars in action from tomorrow (26th November). While it may not incorporate the Christmas spirit it’s bound to cause as much entertainment as in-laws arguing about how best to cook the turkey.

The Devil’s Whore entertains…for half an hour

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THE DEVIL’S WHORE, C4, Wednesday 26th November 9.00pm Alert Me

I am not, I should admit, a big fan of period drama. I find the attempts of modern screenwriters to emulate the language of the old masters are usually asinine and badly pitched, full of stunted dialogue and stifled action with everything veiled in frustrating restraint. Devil’s Whore is, to some extent at least, an exception. It’s dirty, gritty and full of barely supressed anger which seeps out at the seams. Whilst the language remains archaic, it also seems more human and more properly pitched for each character rather than being a blanket of sirs and madams. Occasionally the grand speeches which creep from these old English lips can seem a little out of place, and it’s hard to believe that “Honest John” would be so eloquent, but they are never overlong and keep the plot tied together rather than being loose and unfocussed.

Andrea Riseborough vibrates with frustration at her status as a high-born woman, and there’s a touching (but not, thank god, saccharine) scene in which she and Thomas Rainsborough – played with some distinction by Michael …read more

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