Sold?: Barclaycard Glide- “Credit Crunch, What Credit Crunch?”

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As the work of many artistic greats have taught us, in times of hardship there is generally only one safe way to go, escapism, escapism, escapism. The creatives behind Barclays’ new ad are drawing on a little historical inspiration here, boldly hoping to follow in their footsteps and put this kind of philosophy firmly into practice.

A banker finishes for the day and strips down to his swimming trunks to glide homeward down a water chute from his office. He travels through the supermarket and the library using a Barclaycard to swipe and spend, spend spend using his Barclaycard Glide, as uplifting music tells us to, erm, let our love go like a mountain stream. The mood is jolly. Too jolly one might say… Credit crunch, what credit crunch? Everything’s just dandy here at the bank. Look!- No, no, not at our screens! Over here, yoohoo! We’re so comfortable that we’re stripping off and whizzing round the city on a sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide…yeeeaaahhhhh!

But you know what, it’s darker than that. This is a psychoanalyst’s playground.  Don’t you think that in trying to distract us this advert probably reflects fairly accurately the disturbed mental states of most city workers at present? They’ve lost it, they’re regressing to a happy place of childhood carelessness. That’s right, we’re going down baby, but we may as well enjoy the riiiiiiiiiiide!

By Susan Allen

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