Thursday’s TV: ‘Ponderland’- Brand Ponces but the Show Works

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RUSSELL BRAND’S PONDERLAND, Channel 4, Thursday 30th October, 10:35pm

Ponderland is the uber-vehicle for Russell Brand pitched by Channel 4 as “a chance to see Russell at his spontaneous best” and whether you like this show or not will depend mainly on whether listening to Russell Brand makes you want to shoot yourself in the head or not.

Personally, i’ve never found Brand to be funny. His stroke victim facial aerobics and humour-as-shouting-stuff-at-audience don’t make me laugh. Also yes, we should address that whole telling Andrew Sach’s he had sexy time with his granddaughter furore. In all honesty, as Ponderland shows, this is exactly the kind of antics that people love Russell Brand for, so I struggle to understand how angry everyone is. I mean GORDON BROWN is jumping on the band wagon now! That’s when you know you are in trouble – when the Prime Minister is telling you off. Still you would be missing out if you let this stop you watching Ponderland, because Thursday’s opener for the second season will have you laughing out loud.

Ponderland is a take on You’ve Been Framed, only much, much darker and with way better clips. You know what’s funnier than a kid falling off a swing? A woman talking about her relationship (and yes we mean in the biblical sense) with her dog, Miles. Or a pensioner explaining that in the absence of pretty tropical birds he has forcibly dyed all his pigeons lurid colours because it ‘cheers the place up’.

Of course you have to put up with Brand’s segments inbetween as he prances around like a frog on acid and at times its like enduring someone else’s hyperactive child for an evening- it leaves you exhausted and dreaming up ways to throttle them without anyone noticing.

Mainly though, the clips are well worth hanging in for as there are some absolute gems in here and the unknown researchers behind the scenes who have dug them up deserve all the kudos. This will give you an insight into what happens when relations with out beloved pets go wrong.  No matter how you feel about Brand himself, this is one to watch.

By McGee Noble