Review: Spooks starts with a bang

October 27, 2008 by  
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SPOOKS, BBC 1, Monday 27th October, 9pm Alert Me

Spooks returns tonight with another cracking episode. Adam is all cool and nonchalant after his recent torture and takes the lead on the recovery of a kidnapped British soldier who the al-Quaeda are threatening to kill unless remembrance Sunday is cancelled.

Shaking things up is Lucas North, an old protege of Harry’s who has just been recovered from a Russian prison where he has been starving, tattooing, weight training and developing a mysterious glint in his eye for 8 years. He’s a man with a past, will he turn out to be for the good or the bad?

While Adam has bounced back, Jo is a bit of a mess who seems to be coping by running herself to death, or as Adam says ‘your traumatised running is really annoying me’. C’mon girl, you’re a spy, pull it together…

As the al-Qaeda are threatening to chop off our soldier’s head every five minutes, the Russians are being all coy and cold war and Harry’s got alarm bells ringing and it soon appears that more than just one soldier may be in danger.

It is truly wonderful that Spooks still pulls it together to be one of the best British shows on telly. Tonight’s episode ends with something that will change the team forever. An absolute must watch for anyone who has ever been a fan. For those who aren’t, now is a good time to start.