Review: New ‘Embarrassing Teenage Bodies’- the Relief is Addictive

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EMBARRASSING TEENAGE BODIES, Channel 4, Monday 27th October, 9pm Alert me

Call me a soppy piece of sh*te but when watching shows like this one, I genuinely relish the near euphoric rush of relief I unwittingly share with comforted owner of embarrassing deformity X.  As a fellow non-perfect, I can’t help but gush as rosy cheeks fade to a childlike smile with the magnificent realisation that they’re normal and there’s hope for them in this world.  It’s actually quite addictive.

This series round, the Embarrassing Bodies doctors not only take on the shameful bits of bodies in general, but also more bravely, those belonging to the acutely more gross among us- teenagers.  Travelling to Magaluf, they discover how British teens are damaging their health with a mixture of sun, sex and booze.  It’s red faces all round as an onslaught of scorched youths with lumpy genitals, trying not to heave from last night’s skin-full, turn up at the clinic to get some frank advice.

Patients include a girl with a particularly hairy arse
, one who’s clinically obese and another who can’t control her bladder.  I know what you’re thinking…errr, freaks!  Indeed, you’ve got to hand it to the doctors in this gig, when faced with some of the most revolting aspects of the human body that would cause even the more open-minded to instinctively turn into the vomiting old women from Little Britain, these professionals simply smile and say, “that’s ok, we can do something about that.?  But seriously, look at those delectably reassured faces, like the kid who’s just been accepted into the cool gang, the hallowed imperfect-but-valid-human-being gang.

Undoubtedly, with compassion for the insecure comes a large helping of scorn for the cocky. One “tanorexic? girl, who uses tanning beds every week (more than doubling her risk of cancer) bats her eyelashes and declares, “Everyone’s going to die, and I’m going to die looking good? at which point, you feel like strapping her to a rocket directed towards the sun there and then.  There you go, beautiful girl, happy now that you’re beautiful and DEAD?!!

If, like me, you get off on the odd bout of sympathy and enjoy shouting at up-themselves fools who need to sort out their priorities, Embarrassing Teenage Bodies is definitely the one to watch this evening.

By Susan Allen

nicole lawrence says:

i was on magaluf when i did this with my cusions and friends 🙂
it was AMAZING,
would love to be on channel 4 again !