The Lowdown: Things you don’t know about…Michelle Williams

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Made famous for her role as Jen in the hit US teen series Dawsons Creek, Michelle Williams, 28, has since forged a career in film that has seen her mature into an Oscar nominated actor. You can catch Michelle these days in her new movies Incendiary and Wendy and Lucy as part of The London Film Festival.

Michelle has recently decided to take a year off acting, so what better time to look at her life so far?

So what did Michelle do before she began her acting career?

Michelle Williams was born on September 9th 1980 in Kalispell, Montana. Aged nine her family moved to San Diego, California where she began her acting career five years later.

Michelle has come along way since she legally emancipated herself from her parents at the age of 15. Parents Larry and Carla Williams did not approve of her decision to work full-time as an actress and so a ballsy young Michelle decided to take matters into her own hands. While this may have seemed to be a bold decision at the time, it has certainly paid off in the long run.

Before this point it seemed as though Michelle would follow in her fathers footsteps as a stock trader. She was also a good judge of the market and even won the Robbins World Cup Trading Championship at age 16, turning $10,000 into $110,00 in just one year which is still the 4th highest in the history of the competition (Larry has the top spot).

Apart from her success as an actor there is another reason why Michelle was wise not to follow her fathers example: Larry currently finds himself facing extradition back to the USA from Australia on charges of tax evasion…oops…

What was she in again?:

Before Dawsons Creek Michelle also appeared TV shows such as Lassie, Baywatch and Home Improvement as well as having film roles in Species, A Thousand Acres, Dick (her first starring role) and Halloween H20.

Michelle finished the last of all six series of Dawsons Creek as hot property in the film world. Since that time she has featured in a bevy of titles including roles alongside such highly-esteemed company as Ewan McGregor, Kirsten Dunst, Sigourney Weaver, Christina Ricci and Leonardo DiCaprio to name but a few.

Her Academy Award nomination for best supporting actor came for her role in Ang Lee’s Brokeback Mountain, on the set of which Michelle met Heath Ledger.

Wasnt she going out with Heath Ledger?:

Michelle’s engagement and the birth of her daughter Matilda with Ozzy actor Heath pushed her fame to new heights. However things took a turn for the worse. The couple announced that they were to split after three years together.

Six months later, Ledger was found dead in his New York apartment, breaking Michelle’s heart.

Now a single mother, Michelle has revealed that she practices her acting roles by reading bedtime stories to Matilda in whichever accent her current role requires.

Her recent decision to take a break is that she “stopped feeling creative a little while ago, and … [is] just realizing it now.” She is also “feeling the strain of being a working single mom.”

Enough sadness though, here’s Michelle as she is most fondly remembered, as Jen Lindley on Dawsons Creek:

Ahh wasnt that nice?! You might not remember this though:

Michelle serenading us in The Baxter

Having already achieved so much at the age of just 28, Michelle Williams has the best part of her acting career ahead of her. wishes her and Matilda all the best for the future- rest up ‘Chelle, there’s plenty still to come.