Sold?: Ouch! Apple Hits Back at Microsoft

October 22, 2008 by  
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OK, so I know that I went on about Microsoft’s latest sickeningly superior advert to promote their image as the people’s computer, and I realise that it might seem unfair that I praise this new retali-advert from Apple but I can honestly say that it is actually quite good.

If I am biased in any way, it is not towards PCs or Macs.
I own a Mac and at work I use a PC.  I write, design, go on the internet with both and I truly do not have a preference either way (ok, so I do feel a little cooler sitting in a café with my Macbook Pro on my lap but I really think this has more to do with the boho aesthetic of sipping coffee and looking like I’m writing my latest novel).  I’m no technological expert but that doesn’t matter, this ad-war is a matter of image. Right now, my bias lies in who I’d want to hang out with between the people that made Apple’s ads or the people that made Microsoft’s last one.  And there’s just no contest.

Here, Apple have a dig at Microsoft’s over-expenditure on changing their image, using massive celebs to endorse them and filming in locations across the world, rather than sorting out the deeper problems with their actual product, Windows Vista.  It doesn’t try and gloss over rivalry between the two with some ideological guff about people being automatically amazing and interesting if they own a PC.  It’s simple, sharp, effortlessly cool and hits home on a budget.

There’s no doubt about it, Microsoft are going to have to come back down to earth if they want to properly take this ad on.

By Susan Allen