Review: Secret Diary of a Call Girl- Belle Says Farewell

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ITV2, Thursday 23rd October, 10pm Alert me

Some say that a leopard will never change its spots, others that a whore will, sure as hell, never settle down and trade in her animal print thong for high waist support pants. The last episode of Secret Diary of a Call Girl, on this Thursday evening, sees the lovable floozy, Belle, struggle to let go of her beloved career.

When her ex-agent, Stephanie turns up on her doorstep offering her a heap of cash for “one last job?, Belle finds it hard to say no. Caught in a dilemma of whether to go straight and get a ‘proper’ occupation or just stick to what she’s good at, she turns to friend, Ben, for advice. All excited by the prospect that Belle could make a killing writing a, wait for it, secret diary, he arranges a meeting with a book publisher but it’s all a bit much for poor Belle though, who feels pushed into it and never really wanted to give up whoring in the first place- but she does love Alex and he really doesn’t like the idea of lining up to be just one of the men whom she hops on and off.

Predictably, she cracks and to her dismay is shocked to discover that Alex had an inkling she might have dropped off the one-man wagon again. By the end, it’s difficult not to end up thinking that Belle is just shooting herself in the foot really. OK, so she gets a book deal and goes back to doing what she truly loves and that’s fab, but what about the joy of partnership, the comfort of having someone with whom you share everything? A diary won’t hold you on a lonely night, Belle.

A hopelessly inevitable end to the series, it is nevertheless a must watch for Secret Diary fans.

By Susan Allen