Review: Miss Naked Beauty- Shock, Horror, Gok gets yet more women to get their keks off

October 22, 2008 by  
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Channel 4, Tuesday 21st October, 8pm Alert me

No man can make a girl drop her knickers quicker than Gok Wan, and the participants of tonight’s debut episode of Miss Naked Beauty are no different. They can’t wait to strip on camera under the safety blanket of Gok’s camp eye.

The show begins under the guise of a regular fashion show, inviting 200 normal women of every shape and size to participate in the first stage in Blackpool, the home of the beauty pageant. The ultimate aim is to whittle this figure down to just one winner: Miss Naked Beauty UK. Having stripped down to their bikini, every girl has their say on why they think they are beautiful and why they should be considered for the title. Cue the tears. Some have reasons such as physical deficiencies and cancer, while some seemingly just cry whenever they talk.

To even be considered for the next round each woman must strip down to the bare essentials. No make-up, no piercings, no fake hair or eyelashes. The way in which the show removes said make-up is a tad extreme. Having trimmed his holding pen of female flesh down to a choice cut of 25, Gok rounds his charges up pointing a fireman’s hose at them to cleanse them of their slap. But hey, its Gok! Most of these ladies see him so often in their own home that they feel an automatic intimacy towards the man. He claims that he’s proud of each and every one of them as if they are all his children. Creepy.

No make-up! Ahhh! Now the paranoia. Yet more tears. Of course, co-presenter Myleene Klass puts her fully made-up mug next to theirs in the mirror to tell them they are beautiful. Nice touch.

Whereas Gok’s previous shows celebrated the normal female body, this is essentially a beauty competition and judging from the average waist size of the women in the final 12, the average body is no longer the focus. Unfortunately, Miss Naked Beauty could well make women more disillusioned than reassured.

By Charlie Coffey