Review: Elizabeth

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“Declared illegitimate aged 3. Tried for treason aged 21. Crowned Queen aged 25.�

Director Shekhar Kapur’s Oscar-winning Elizabeth, starring Cate Blanchett, studies the extraordinary early life of Elizabeth I and how she deals with immense power at such a young age.

Elizabeth must deal not only with her millions of subjects but also with the infighting, conspiracy and complex relationships within her own council.

The ‘Virgin Queen’ sets about attempting to lose her reputation with suitors from around the world, but then toughens up and decides she does not want to dissipate her own power by sharing it with a man. She also develops an acquired taste for the odd soupcon of torture and execution that was all the rage back in the 16th Century.

A notable supporting cast of Christopher Eccleston, Joseph Fiennes and Richard Attenborough provides strong performances all round meanwhile an Oscar nomination for Blanchett saw her arrive in the Hollywood A-list.

Elizabeth also includes a whole host of notable cameo appearances from Eric Cantona, Daniel Craig, Angus Deayton, Cathy Burke and even a twelve year-old Lily Allen.

So if corsets, burning and men in tights take your fancy Elizabeth is the film for you!

By Charlie Coffey