Documentary: Roman Polanski- Wanted & Desired

October 13, 2008 by  
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Storyville Roman PolanskiBBC 4, Monday 13th October, 10pm Alert Me

A fascinating insight into the tragic, mysterious Roman Polanski. An extraordinary director, his personal life was filled with events that have fascinated us endlessly.

After the death of his pregnant wife Sharon Tate at the hands of the Manson gang, Polanski was accused and convicted of unlawful sex with a minor. Tonight’s Storyville is a detailed, intriguing account of Polanski’s life in Hollywood, asking whether he was a guilty, dark man or a tragic hero.

The answer is impossibly murky, but there is no doubt that the case was complicated by Judge Rittenband’s ego and at times almost unlawful dealings. An egocentric man, concerned with his appearance in the media, both the prosecution and defense agreed that it was an unjust trial. However the consequences were both that the case remains unresolved and that Hollywood lost one of its most brilliant directors.

Insightful and measured, this is an excellent account of the controversial trial of Polanski.

By McGee Noble